Gold Supporter Packa

You decide how much to pay.

To get the Gold Supporter Package you only need to contribute $139.99 but you may contribute more if you prefer. 

Normally 12 months of the Gold Support Package would cost $179.88 on the month-to-month plan but buy you can save over 20% by purchasing 12 months in advance!

Pickle Servers are community-centric and every bit of support we get helps us to continue delivering our mission to our players.

Our Gold Supporter Package comes with everything we could think of that would not be considered pay2win and we are always welcome to more suggestions!

- Gold Supporter Discord Role (Gold Name)
- 20% off items on the Pickle Servers Merch Site
- Access to the Supporter Chat
- Access to 24/7 streamed in-game chat via Discord
- Queue Skip
- Shout out in Game and Supporter chat
- Access to the Pickle Servers Ban Feed
- 5 HQ Sign Image Uploads each wipe (Learn more about how this works)
- 5 HQ Sign Image Downloads each wipe
- Access to the Golden Pickle Discord Chat