Church of Dill

This item is free.

Are you the type of Rust player that wants to feel more connected to those who operate the server you enjoy playing on? Then consider joining the Church of Dill!

By joining the Church of Dill you are consenting to allow Administrators and Moderators to interact with you. These interactions will not interfere with gameplay but may involve "miracles" such as:

  • Appearing suddenly before you when you are alone
  • Speaking to you via Voice chat
  • Serenading you with terrible music
  • Taking Photographs
  • Dropping notes
  • and more!

Joining the Church of Dill will not get you any special perks or any type of special in-game treatment. It is merely a way for us to know which players desire to have more interaction with our team and to help build a better sense of community. Verified users in our Discord get access to the exclusive Church of Dill Discord Channel.

Church of Dill was started by a few members of the community who jokingly built a "shrine" to Dill (the owner of Pickle Servers) and who could be seen in chat exclaiming "Praise Dill!". A few examples of player-built structures can be seen in the images on this page. Pickle Servers has always had a policy of laying low and not messing with players, but how could we ignore the prayers of a select few fun-loving players who wanted to witness any miracles that prove our administrative team is indeed always present.

To leave the Church of Dill, simply open a ticket with your request to leave!