HQ Sign Image Upload

1.00 USD

How awesome would it be to instantly upload an image of your choosing to a sign? Sure, you can use Rustangelo and stand AFK for hours and hope nothing messes up. You could also go to a modded server that has Sign Artist installed since those types of plugins are not allowed on community servers. Those used to be the only two options for high-quality artwork until a few months ago, Facepunch added the ability for administrators to push images to signs!

We wish we could offer this service for free, but obviously, it requires an administrator or moderator to load into the game, find your sign, and send the correct command. We would be doing this all day! So we came up with this solution which allows you to pay-per-sign and we will jump in at our earliest convenience and get that image uploaded for you in stunning HD!

Please note that Pickle Servers is not responsible for ensuring the safety of your sign. We cannot guarantee that we would be able or available to upload your artwork a second time. Additionally, we will not upload images to signs that are inappropriate and against our server rules or Facepunch TOS.

After purchasing, please open a Ticket in our Discord to speak with an administrator and submit your image(s).

Please ensure your image is in the correct resolution for the sign you will be using, file should be saved as PNG.

Double Sign Post: 256x256
Huge Wooden Sign: 512x128
Landscape Picture Frame: 256x128
Large Banner Hanging: 64x256
Large Banner on Pole: 64x256
Large Wooden Sign: 256x128
One Sided Town Sign Post: 256x128
Portrait Picture Frame: 128x256
Single Sign Post: 128x64
Small Wooden Sign: 128x64
Spinning Wheel: 285x285
Tall Picture frame: 128x512
Two Sided Hanging sign: 128x256
Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign: 256x128
Two Sided Town Sign Post: 256x128
Wooden Sign: 256x128
XL Picture Frame: 512x512
XXL Picture Frame: 1024x512
Large neon sign: 256x256
Medium neon sign: 256x128
Small neon sign: 128x128
(Note: While we can also upload images to animated signs, we cannot upload an animation or multiple images to the sign. Also, image brightness is greatly increased on a neon sign, we recommend greatly lowering the brightness in your photo editing application.)