What tickles your pickle?

Pickle Servers are high-quality community-centric Rust servers. We pride ourselves on listening to the voice of the players and ensuring that we meet their needs by providing the best Rust experience possible across many different server configurations. All servers feature an active administrative team who is often watching silently to ensure all the rules are being followed.

Ways you can support our server

We would not be here without you choosing to spend your time with us. Pickle servers are driven by our mission to create the best game servers that listen to the pulse of the community. One of the innovative ways we do this is by offering supporters the ability to help us make this server what they want it to be. You can support us with any amount starting at $0.99. Every contribution is valued and helps us continue to grow and provide you the best experience. Supporters receive some perks but never any advantage in-game.

The best way to financially support us is through our one-time or monthly support package options. We offer discounts for purchasing months in advance as well. You can see all of our package options by clicking "support us" near the top of this page.

Here are some other ways you can help support our servers!