F.A.Q.'s (and rules explained)

Can my team build multiple bases?

Yes, your team can build multiple bases. If you have other bases within 2 squares you must ensure that the same players are authorized across all bases.

Can I make a base by myself or with people other than my team members?

Yes, as long as you or your allies have no bases within 2 squares.

Are there any places where the team limit does not apply?

Yes, gatherings over the team limit are allowed in safe zones (Outpost and Bandit Camp). The team limit also does not apply for pre-approved server events which would be advertised via server messages.

Can I give away my base?

You should not give away the codes to your base but you may abandon it. Abandoning the base means you either leave the doors opened/closed and log out or you remove the locks from the base and clear the TC. Giving codes to other players may likely lead to bans for exceeding the servers team or base authorization limits. We cannot be reasonably expected to know what is going on when we see multiple authorization flags and we do not give warnings. If someone wishes to offer you a base make sure they have followed the guidelines to avoid any moderation.

Can I build a PVP arena or other gathering zone and host events?

You can build event spaces but in order to host any event where the servers team limit will be exceeded you must first seek the approval of the server admin. Submit a ticket on Discord and sure to include information such as the date of the event, time, and duration.

Will I be breaking rules if I authorize on an open TC?

We will not moderate for over auth warnings on visibly decayed/raided bases. We do recommend still clearing authorizations when you find one of these TCs just in case!

Can I bag a player in my base to craft an item for me?

You should not bag other players into your base who will not be authorized on the base or the items in it. If you wish to have a player craft an item for you, you should meet them in a safe zone or meet with them somewhere else, just be aware of the team limit

Can I swap or remove a team member from my base?

You can replace team members. Make sure that you remove the old members body, bag and clear all previous authorizations on Tool Cupboard and doors (change code or pick up and replace locks). If you forget to clear authorizations, the server will automatically warn you when you exceed the server limit on an item. It is the responsibility of all players authorized on a base to ensure the base is properly cleared and does not exceed the servers listed limits.

What do you consider an ally?

Allies includes but is not limit to any player(s) who occasionally work together and/or trade and/or farm and/or roam together and/or mutually benefit from one another. Allies can be fluid, so we could consider a short exchange or meeting as a temporary alliance while known interactions over time could be considered a "long term" alliance. Players you have added in your "green dot" team could be considered allies as well. We do not consider players who have a friendly respect for one another or non aggression pacts with nearby neighbors such as randoms that happen to build nearby. The server tracks and logs players who roam together, are teamed together, share bases, etc. to establish a list of known associates for all players.

Do I need to KOS (kill on sight) or raid my neighbors?

We do not require that you KOS or raid any players who live near you. You can have a non-aggression pact with members without having an alliance. You should make sure to follow expected gameplay by not having these non-allied members in your in-game team or do any activities that would make you considered allies. You should treat them like all other players and if an alliance is eventually formed the standard team/base distance limits will apply. This means you would likely engage in PVP when you cross paths but overall will not seek to raid them. There is no penalty for picking up wounded players but you should take care that there are not more than the servers listed team limit together for any period of time. If picking up a wounded player would mean more than the servers limit are together talking, you should tell the player you picked up to leave to prevent the rules from being broken.

Can I go inside an allies' base or compound?

You should not enter the base or compound of an ally.

What is the distance I should keep from my allies when roaming?

We recommend keeping at least a 2 square distance from your allies at all times however we will still consider it going over the limit if there are more than the servers listed team limit nearby working together (example: a full team raiding a base while an ally is in the distance but watching with binoculars). You can keep track of your allies by having them on your "green dot" team.

Can I trade with players?

We do allow trading on the server but trades should be fair and follow normal game play by benefiting both players. When trading we recommend meeting in a safe zone or using shop fronts, particularly to avoid exceeding the servers listed team limits. Under no circumstances should players who are not authorized on your base enter the base for a trade.

Can I help players or friends who are not on my team by sharing or combining resources?

You can share a small amount of basic resources (wood and stone) to help someone get a start. Additionally you can provide some blueprints. You cannot have multiple teams farming and piling resources/components etc. into a one or a few bases. Loot should not be combined otherwise the team limit could be considered exceeded.

Can I roam/raid with allies?

We do allow you to roam/raid with allies but you must ensure you are never exceeding the servers listed team limit at any time and your other allies/team members not in your current party must stay away from and not participate/observe or otherwise involve themselves in any activities you are currently engaged in such as roaming/raiding/completing monuments etc. We encourage you to roam or complete monuments with allies to build friendships and encourage social interactions. It is strongly recommended that you avoid using the ally guidelines to raid with an ally. In the event that you do, you must only use one team's resources for the raid. Whichever team's resources are being used is the team that gets the "main loot" from the base. The "main loot" is defined as any resource items (check the F1 Items menu and look at the resources tab), tier 3 items, and any kind of explosive raiding materials such as gun powder, satchels, explosives, etc. You can build a raid base but it must be at least 2 squares from you or your allies' current base. You can both move loot into the raid base but it must be emptied and the "main loot" moved only by the main raiders team. Also, take time to read our FAQ entry below regarding switching members during a raid/counter.

Can I switch members participating with me during a raid or counter?

If you are currently at the servers team limit and wish to swap out a player you and all players currently or planned to be involved must first leave the area of the raid and abstain from PVP for approximately 30 minutes. This is for your protection as doing this will create a noticeable event in our logs and we would consider it a "new raid/counter" once your team begins to engage in the previous activity again. If the raid or counter is over you can immediately swap members as long as you do not go within the area of the previous raid for atleast 30 minutes. This cooldown also includes moving loot.

What is a raid/counter?

Raiding is defined as an event where players occupy space near another non-allied players base, regardless if those players are online or offline. Raiding can include, but is not limit to, deploying explosives, using melee weapons on buildings and door camping. Extreme caution should be taken during a raid/raid defense/countering to ensure you are not exceeding the team limit, especially with any allies coming in the area of the raid. The penalties for exceeding the team limit during these activities is more severe. Counter raiding is defined as any activity that attempts to influence or interfere with an ongoing raid or raid defense by another team.

When is the forced wipe and will BPs wipe?

The wipe occurs on all Monthly on the first Thursday of every month. This wipe is forced by Facepunch which means whenever they push out the update, the wipe must be done. If we did not wipe the map after the update, players would be unable to connect to the server once their game has installed the update. Facepunch controls the timing but tries to aim for a time near 2PM Eastern time on the first Thursday of each month. In addition to Facepunch, we also have to wait a few minutes after the update is released for Oxide to update. Oxide is the backbone of our administrative tools. A swift update and wipe is key to running a successful server so we stay posted and update as soon as the server, client, and oxide updates are released. Additionally, Facepunch always announces if the coming wipe is a Blueprint wipe weeks in advance. There has not been a forced Blueprint wipe we could not avoid since June of 2018 so they are very rare and we will notify everyone in the Server News Discord channel if we are made aware of a Blueprint wipe. Our Pickle Fridays servers wipe weekly on Friday at 5pm Eastern Time.

Do administrators play on the servers?

We hold our administrative team to the highest level of responsibility. Moderators do not play on the servers they moderate on, we only allow them to observe and handle administrative tasks. 

Will an admin help me break an item/wall?

We do not break walls or items for players, we understand that some servers will do this for players but from our past experiences we know that it is a system ripe for abuse and it takes up a lot of time due to a high volume of requests.

Will an admin help me retrieve a lost/destroyed item?

We will not spawn in or retrieve any items lost for any reason. We know it can be frustrating to have an issue that causes you to lose an item that is important to you. We made a decision early on in the servers life to not interfere with the flow of game play, this means we will not replace items that are lost. If we did it for you, it would be unfair to the many people before who were not able to get their items back.

Are there moderators?

Yes, we do have some moderators. These users have very limited abilities that only allow them to see player locations and door authorizations. They are permanently invisible and cannot interact with items besides a few things like opening unlocked doors and riding on vehicles/horses. They may play on some servers but never the server they moderate on. Additionally, their allies cannot play on the server they moderate. We keep extensive logs on all moderators and if you feel there may be an issue please contact the owner DillWorbridge directly via Discord or email at Dill@PickleServers.com

How can I become a moderator/administrator?

You can apply to volunteer to help our server HERE. Note that usually we only pull moderators from our supporter group, as we typically have more interactions with them and get to know them quite well, but that is not a requirement. You should know, and other moderators can vouch for this, moderating a server is not a very fun job. Your player character will be completely neutered and unable to do really anything besides observe. When we are ready to accept new administrators we will typically pull them from our moderation team.

I was banned, is there a way to appeal the ban?

Previously we allowed our supporters to vote on ban appeals. During this period of time we noticed a stable trend in ban lengths based on severity of the violations. To save everyone time, we switched away from appeals and moved to flat time periods based on the violation. These periods are in line with the time that most users were banned for after appealing. This means that at this time, there is no appeal for your first moderation. If you are banned a second time you will be banned permanently with an option to appeal directly to the administrators and moderation team. Bans for detected hardware/software cheating are always permanent and cannot be appealed.

How can I cancel a supporter contribution?

We would hate to lose you but if you wish to cancel, you can do so from your PayPal reoccurring payments page or via the link here. Please note that all supporter contributions are non-refundable. We greatly appreciate all of your support!

What is the server's stance on griefing?

We think players who grief are detrimental to the overall health of the server and the game, however we will not take any actions on players who engage in these activities. We strongly believe in Rust Karma and think Rust is the type of game where revenge is quite sweeter than anywhere else. Over time we have discovered that players who develop a reputation for being a problem, often find themselves raided continuously and griefed themselves. We know it is frustrating but keeping calm and not letting the players know you are hurt is key to keeping them from winning. If you quit or give up, they have won. We believe in you!

Why is a player I have reported for or believe is cheating not banned?

We take player reports very seriously and we do greatly appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us and notify us of players. One of our key foundations of the server is to only ensure we are moderating players once we have sufficient proof of violations. If you have reported a player or believe someone is cheating and they have not yet been banned or removed it does not mean they are not cheating, only that we lack sufficient data to know firmly and 99.99% that they are not cheating. Many servers have admins who ban without very much proof and in the end, from our research, it often harms the server over time as many players do get reported for cheating on a daily basis. Another thing to know is that FacePunch severely limits the amount of data we receive from the client machine. We can only monitor bullet trajectories and physics/angles to look for inconsistencies in shot data. You may think "Just spectate them or watch them" but you may not be aware that nearly all modern hacks with ESP/Aimbot actively disable when the client is being spectated. Plus, FacePunch has not given us a true spectate mode where we can see things exactly as the client player sees them. It is always best to report a player by using the F7 command in addition to notifying us via the report feature on our website. FacePunch can see much more information than we have available and will often take action quickly for users who are cheating when they are notified. When you notify us we make sure all moderators are aware and we may take action sooner when the initial flags start to be raised than if we ban a player with no reports. Overall, just be aware that we take every report seriously and if we do not take action on a player it does not mean we do not believe you, only that we need sufficient proof to take action. Our server reputation is on the line and we always want to make sure we make the right move.

What is the definition of neutrality?

We define neutrality as players who may choose not to engage with one another but are not in any way benefiting from the other. For example, a player is raiding another and an additional player comes to counter raid. The counter raiding player should engage both parties and should not at any time work directly with either party to help one or the other gain advantage. If it is suspected the players are working together a ban under rule 1 may be applied. Additionally, if the player attempts to share loot or trade items with either involved player it could be viewed as a violation. Trades must happen in a safe zone and should follow expected gameplay. There should be no trades such as an inventory of farm for more jack hammers or trading any item just to make the trade appear fair. We STRONGLY recommend using in game text chat to seek players to trade with and trading regularly with the same players repeatedly when there are other players willing and able to trade could be viewed as an alliance.

Read our full server rules here