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Discord Rules:

By posting in this discord you agree to the below rules:

A) We understand that Rust is a game designed for adults however our Discord is a place for the community to gather and should be completely free of adult topics. Participating in or advocating/encouraging the use of Discriminatory jokes and hate speech (attacks on an individual or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities) is prohibited.

B) Explicit content is prohibited. This includes videos, gifs, or still images depicting explicit sexual actions, whether real or illustrated, as well as detailed verbal descriptions of explicit sexual acts.

C) Keep the conversation on topic to the room you are in. Posts considered off topic to the channel they are posted in may be removed.

D) Self-promotion of your streams or media must be done in the #self-promotion channel. Content and links posted there must be owned by the person making the post.

E) When posting in the LFG channel please ensure you list the server(s) you wish to play on. Do not make more than one post there per day.

F) While we want users to share their opinions on topics, you must do your best to keep the conversation civil and to the point. Particularly during moments of debate, each reply to the topic should attempt to add a new take or information to what was previously discussed. Excessive discussion only echoing sentiments previously made by the same individuals repeatedly may be considered spam and removed.

G) Do not tag staff, our team only responds to ticket requests.

H) No discord invite links are allowed.

I) Have respect for staff members, they are trying to help.

The following are strictly enforced in our community:

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You are responsible for knowing and following them at all times.