The following rules, in addition to our general rules, apply only to Pickle Duo, Pickle Quad, and Pickle Quad Mod. Click Here for Pickle Solo rules or Click Here for general server rules.

1. Team Limits:

  • You cannot exceed the servers listed team limit at any time. This includes but is not limited to Gathering/Trading/Roaming/Conversing Together/Comparing Dick Size/Raiding/Dancing/Scouting/Countering/Partying and/or completing Monuments with other team members/allies/friends/acquaintances/alt accounts/frenemies etc. unless you are actively trying to kill one another, in a safe zone or at a community/server event preapproved by the administrators for the entirety of the time you are in a group over the server limit.
  • We will consider sharing/combining resources as teaming. You should not be giving/trading unreasonable and/or high amounts of items such as sulfur, explosives, rockets, timed explosives etc. with any other players on our Duo/Quad server or it may be seen as exceeding the team limits.
  • Using the in-game “green dot” team function to properly track teammates and allies is recommended and can help you avoid going over the team limit. You will not be moderated for the number of players in your “green dot” team. We may use players who are in your current or past teams to determine who are allied players.

Exceeding the Team Limit will result in a 24-hour (1 day) suspension from Pickle team limit servers.

  • Breaking the Team Limit rules during any activity that involved PvP or raiding as well as sharing/combining raiding resources will result in a 14-day (2-week) suspension.

2. Base Authorizations:

  • You may not have more than the servers listed team limit authorized on any TC/Lock/Trap and/or assigned a bag/bed (there is no limit on beds/bags in your base, only players assigned to beds/bags). The combined number of players authorized on items (including guest codes) within the base cannot exceed the servers' above-listed team limit.
  • We will take care not to moderate over-the-limit authorizations on visibly decayed/raided bases with unlocked TCs.

Exceeding the Base Authorization limit will result in a 24-hour (1 day) suspension from Pickle team limit servers.

3. Allied Base Distance Limits:

  • Bases of your allies or players your allies are connected to must be at least 2 map squares away from any other bases of yours, your team members, and/or other allies.
  • We do not consider single foundations with only a Tool Cupboard and no other items (AKA External TC’s) or items designed to be placed outside (Large Furnaces/Refineries/Windmills/External walls) a “base” so these will not be considered in the 2 square rule.

Exceeding the allied base distance limits will result in a 24-hour (1 day) suspension from Pickle team limit servers.

Ban Process:
We pride ourselves on verifying and collecting enough evidence before issuing bans. We will not ban players for hearsay or without proof that rules were violated, if you are banned you should understand that it was determined warranted. The duration of a ban depends on the violation (listed above). We will make attempts to close base doors, upkeep and deposit loot from any player characters who may have been banned while outside of their base however this is done as a courtesy gesture of goodwill and is not guaranteed. Attempts should be made to privately send the coordinates of your base(s) to the moderators by opening a ticket in our Discord as otherwise, we may be unable to locate your base. We are not responsible for any issues that arise during the period of your ban/appeal, this includes raids/PvP interactions occurring at the time of the ban or to players "sleeping" after being disconnected.

A second suspension within a year for any violation involving team/base/allied distance limits will be permanent with limited options to appeal directly to administrators. Any third violations are permanent with no appeal. You would still be able to connect to non-team limit Pickle servers.

(Have you read the rules and still have questions or need clarification? Check out the F.A.Q.s here)